This year, find out how far your heart can reach!  As a care-for-life sanctuary, Home for Life® is uniquely positioned to help some of the most vulnerable dogs and cats from around the world. Responsive to both local animals in need as well as international rescue cases, Home for Life® is able to care for cats and dogs who are out of options, providing a service like no comparable organization.


2021 has been a remarkable year in which we took in seven dogs from Afghanistan ahead of the fall of Kabul while not forgetting about local animals in need especially desperate cats like Ralph.

Above: Our animals come from near ... Ralph was a starving, sick cat found abandoned in Cologne MN.

During the last year, it has seemed as if things are out of control, between politics and the pandemic What's more, the chaos has left many feeling helpless and distressed as a result of the apparent inability to create meaningful change. And yet, isn't it true that the most powerful thing we can do is care?

That's where each of us, individually, has the power to influence what happens. Because, for those of us who love animals, we can have an effect and influence the outcome when the fate of a cat or dog hangs in the balance, and each one of us can make a difference, to set a new direction in motion and to open a doorway to hope and possibility.

Above: ... and far. Salty is one of 7 dogs we took in from Afghanistan's Kabul Small Animal Rescue, who lost her nose, eyelids and lips due to a sandfly infection

Give to the Max day is the chance for each of us to engage in that most powerful act—to Care—however you as an individual express that—whether on behalf of those in need of food shelves, those in need of health care, or like those of us at Home for Life®, those who express our agency, engagement in the greater world and capacity to care on behalf of our beloved animals, especially those who are most vulnerable and in need of help

Home for Life® is participating in this year's Give to the Max day, but would like to direct our supporters to our website donation pages where the credit card fees charged are far less than the portal.  This year we have matching grants totaling $50,000 and hope to raise this amount both through the Give to the Max campaign as well as our end-of-year fundraising.

DONATE FOR GIVE TO THE MAX DAY HERE: Donate to Home for Life | Home for Life