Today's the Day! Give from the Heart & Give to the Max!

Above: Una, now a happy dog running at Home for Life®

The Most Powerful Thing You CAN do!

This year, find out how far your heart can reach! As a care-for-life sanctuary, Home for Life® is uniquely positioned to help some of the most vulnerable dogs and cats from around the world. Responsive to both local animals in need as well as international rescue cases, Home for Life® is able to care for cats and dogs who are out of options, providing a service like no other organization.

Fall Favorites—Mark Luinenburg photographs fall at Home for Life®

Above: Celebrating Fall! Rory from Wisconsin and Rosa from Iran's @VafaAnimalShelter

Photographer @MarkLuinenburg was at Home for Life® last week for fall photos. He's always curious to see what we come up with for our favorites—maybe the trees for the forest but certain photos mean a lot because we know all that a particular animal has been through.