Above: Binx in her outdoor cat run.

Binx came to Home For Life® Animal Sanctuary one winter night, hungry and thirsty. She was so desperate even our barking dogs didn't deter her. She was probably a young cat born at a barn, then driven off, or a cat abandoned to try her luck to "find a home in the country."  She was very tiny and has remained so, but is no longer alone, cold, or hungry.  

We set a live trap after seeing her hanging around our buildings, and she went right in, the first night it was set out. She is still very shy, feral some might say, but at this time of year, she surely appreciates the warm cattery with heated floors and no matter what the season, great food she gets daily, canned and dry. She can go outside in the attached outdoor cat run whenever she likes and has made friends with several other "wild at heart" felines of our North cattery.

She also has warmth and loving care, including attention from our veterinarian and staff to ensure she stays healthy and safe. As the weather turns cold and windy again. we can't help thinking of the cats outside trying to stay warm and trying to find food.

Binx outside cat run
Above: Photo of Binx in the outside cattery run

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