Home for Life 2017 Best Pool Party of the Summer!

Lab in pool

What a wonderful day for Home for Life's Best Pool Party of the Summer! How fortunate we were to have perfect weather in such a lovely setting-with all the havoc from the hurricanes,to realize how lucky we were to enjoy the beautiful day with our friends and family made the event seem even more special.


Hannah giving Raha a hug

The end of summer had a dramatic conclusion with the admission of Raha to Home for Life. Raha, whose name means " free" and " peaceful" in Persian was accepted at Home for Life from the Vafa Animal Shelter. He is believed to be not more than age 3, a male ( now neutered) and a mix of sighthound and Anatolian Shepherd, a type of shepherd dog found in the Mideast. About 10% of Home for Life's total animal population is from foreign countries.  Read our blog post about why Home for Life helps these special cats and dogs: http://homeforlifesanctuary.blogspot.com/2016/01/home-for-lifes-international-rescues.html.
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Read the article about Raha that appeared in the Minnesota Daily!

Home for Life’s Texas Connection


Raha, our new dog from Vafa Animal Shelter, who survived having firecrackers taped in his mouth, has pretty much monopolized our social media recently, and rightfully so! But we have a lot of news to share, and we want to start with one of our Texas connections, the Australian Cattle dog Outlaw, who came to Home for Life near death, blind, diabetic and suffering from EPI (endoctrine pancreatic disorder) on Labor Day 2016, just about a year ago. He originally came from Mesquite Texas, a suburb of Dallas. FYI Dallas is about 250 miles north of Houston - about the distance of Madison Wisconsin to the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota.