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Raha enjoying a sunny day in October at Home for Life®

Every animal has a story, they say. When people meet a dog or cat at our sanctuary, or see them on social media, their first question is, “What is their story?” With Raha, a senior Anatolian Shepherd mix, no one needs to ask. His story is plain to see: the horror and cruelty he suffered…and his resilience and joy that could not be extinguished

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The Rescue of Raha

It’s hard to remember Raha’s desperate condition on the day we met him just one year ago. Some sadistic people had attempted to blow his head off. They put firecrackers in his mouth, taped his muzzle shut, and then lit the fuse. Miraculously the firecrackers did not explode, but they still did plenty of damage—their intense heat seared away Raha’s gums, cracked his teeth, and even burned into the bones of his face and jaw. His injuries left him unable to open his mouth more than a centimeter. By the time we met him, he was slowly starving to death.

"Mark"ing the seasons at Home for Life: Fall photos by Mark Luinenburg!

Tina, a boxer

It's become a tradition over the years to welcome photographer Mark Luinenburg out to Home for Life® for each of the four seasons we enjoy at the sanctuary facility located  on 40 picturesque acres on the Apple River in Star Prairie, WI, just 20 minutes northeast of Stillwater, MN on the St Croix River.

Mark was out last week for a fall photo session and to meet some of the new faces at the sanctuary. In this Facebook album are just some of our favorites: it's always so hard to select just a few! https://bit.ly/2T0iGR1

Save the Date! Home for Life's Fall Gala, 2019 is November 9, 2019 at The Metropolitan, Minneapolis with special guest Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd holding dog

The 2018 gala with our guest Dr. Jane Goodall will be hard to ever surpass, but we will try!

In 2019, Saturday November 9, Home for Life® will welcome the A-List actress, conservationist and U.N. representative and humanitarian Ashley Judd as our special guest. Ashley was very interested in being part of the Home for Life® gala as she is such an admirer of Dr. Goodall, and like her, loves dogs and works hard for conservation efforts, particularly on behalf of bonobos apes in their native Congo. Ashley also loves and cherishes all animals, and has relied on her beloved dogs for emotional support animals during turbulent times of her life.