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How Sponsorship Works

As animal lovers, you know the plight most cats and dogs face. They will live or die according to the value people place on them.  But from our very beginning we have challenged people to see a greater truth: that all animals have value in and of themselves.        

At the time of our founding in 1997, contrary to current practice, we opened our doors to the animals deemed to have little or nothing to offer people. Today, we still welcome cats who are feral, or who are positive for leukemia. We welcome dogs even when they are unsociable or incontinent. We help animals from across the country - and the world -  and will not turn an animal away just because it is old or disabled.

Sponsor An Animal


Sponsorship gives our supporters an opportunity to witness the transformative power that their generosity can have on an individual animal living at Home for Life® sanctuary.

As a sponsor, your monthly or annual donation will help us to continue providing a secure, healthy environment where animals who were formerly abused, neglected, and rejected can thrive and begin again to participate in the joy of being that is the right of all living things.

How Sponsorship Works


Step OneChoose An Animal

You can sponsor an individual cat or dog for $25 a month, or $300 a year. (For pet owners wishing to surrender a pet, different sponsorship rates may apply).

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Step TwoYour Gift Is Multiplied

Your sponsorship contributions will be used to care for all of the annimals at Home for Life®, including those who do not have sponsors.  All of the animals at our sanctuary receive the same high quality care, whether they have sponsors or not.

Learn how your gift does so much for the animals and the community.



Step ThreeStay In Touch

At the same time, you will get to know your sponsored animal. You will receive regular written updates about your animal's well-being and experiences, along with photos taken by professional photographers who donate their time to support of our sponsorship program. You may even wish to visit the sanctuary and meet your cat or dog face-to-face.

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