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Twa on the move at Home for Life®


At Home for Life®, special cats like Twa get special care
At Home for Life®, special cats like Twa get special care

Another cat who desperately needed a Home for Life in 2017 and found refuge at our sanctuary was Twa. Twa, which is the name of a pygmy tribe native to Rwanda in Africa, is a small but mighty and courageous cat who was found as a stray and turned into the Animal Humane Society, Minneapolis. Prior to her surrender, she had obviously suffered a spinal injury such as being hit by a car or an attack from another animal or cruel person - it is also speculated that she may have been born with the disability. She is believed to be just 3 years old and has a tremendous fighting spirit and will to live.

At Home for Life®, special cats like Twa get special care where they can live with as much freedom as possible. Twa wears a diaper and her outfit during the day so she doesn't have to be caged and can have as much liberty as possible. She is young and wants to explore and play like any cat her age. At night, after her "toilette" she sleeps in a huge cage, warm and cozy, so she can air out and her skin stay healthy. Read more about the special care special cats like Twa receive at Home for Life®.

2017 has been marked by Home for Life's® reaching out to help many local animals including several cats and even kittens at local shelters and impounds who are on euthanasia lists due to medical issues or behavior concerns: older cats with hyperthyroid and kidney disease, very shy cats who are confused and afraid after being abandoned by their owners, and several diabetic cats. It seems like many rescues will step up for dogs in need, but only a handful for the many local cats who  are homeless. Over 2100 animals were euthanized at their owners' request by our local humane society in fiscal year 2017 - and these cats and dogs euthanized are not even included in the annual report and data presented. But you wonder how many of these owners felt they were in a desperate situation, believing there was no alternative because the option of recycling their pet via adoption seemed a solution not available. So many dogs and especially cats, can't find help through conventional solutions offered by animal welfare, whose model is predicated on selling animals to new homes. Home for Life® has been one of a handful of organizations this year who has responded to care for local cats in need in 2017.

Read about the many feline invisible animals of rescue like Swifty and Twa who each year lose their lives when they find themselves homeless and unable to find a safe landing with organizations whose focus is adoption.


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