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This happy guy is Frosty, a Samoyed/American Eskimo mix who is paraplegic. Frosty is a wonderful dog who had been hit by a car and left paraplegic, then ditched by his owners at an animal control facility in Nebraska, certain to be killed. Thankfully, Near Heart Bandits, a rescue devoted to American Eskimos, reached him in time before his scheduled euthanasia date. But sadly, no adoptive homes or fosters were interested in Frosty due to his paraplegia and incontinence. The director of the rescue recognized Frosty's special spirit and begged us to help.

When Frosty arrived at Home for Life® he was frail, skinny, and unkempt looking with sores on his legs and seat, thin fur that was missing in patches and in obvious need of care and attention. Yet, his radiant spirit had not been extinguished despite all he'd been through. Frosty deserved a second chance.

Frosty with his cartWe have never regretted for a single second the decision to accept Frosty, who is beautiful, loving, and always seems to have a smile on his face. He was the grateful recipient of a new cart that we bought for him shortly after he arrived at Home for Life®. The cart has returned to Frosty the freedom that was destroyed after he was hit by a car. Now, like any of our dogs he can run in our meadows enjoying the new snowfall.

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