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Bullwinkle came to Home for Life after he allegedly bit a child in the face, causing the loss of a tooth for the child. A collie mix, Bullwinkle also was reported to have poor eyesight and separation anxiety.


Pictured above: Ashley

When he first arrived, we witnessed some of that separation anxiety: he grabbed hold of the fencing and pulled it nearly apart. He was upset about being confined to his run. Since he has become comfortable at the sanctuary, he recognizes Home for Life® as his true home. He realizes that we won't leave him and that he will be able to get out to run and play often. Since he is in a place where he can see all activity at Home for Life, confirming in his mind that we will always be there, the separation anxiety behaviors have subsided. The biting that was alleged to have occurred? We have seen no evidence of that.

Ashley with Bullwinkle

Yes, Bullwinkle doesn't see that well, but he knows who is there for him, and he recognizes loving care and his roommate, the one and only Ashley (pictured above with Bullwinkle) a chow mix from Florida, who was rendered paraplegic as a mere puppy when some cruel person stomped on her, breaking her back, pelvis and both femurs


Bullwinkle in the snow

Bullwinkle missed Ashley keenly when she passed away from cancer at the age of 13. He is one of our older dogs but as a border collie he still was active and intense and now was lonely. His years with Ashley had stabilized him and fortified his self-esteem, and he seemed ready to make new friends.  

Bullwinkle with Rory

Bullwinkle now lives with an active group of gentle-hearted dogs including Spiderman, Tony, Rory (pictured above running with Bullwinkle), and Caden.  They keep Bullwinkle young and his focus positive - instead of anxious and distressed, his days are fun-filled and active. The opportunity to have close dog friends since coming to Home for Life, from Ashley to his current group of friends, has restored Bullwinkle's sense of security, happiness, and confidence. 

Bullwinkle with a toy

Although dogs love their human owners and families many are very isolated from others of their own kind. Many, when they come to us like Bullwinkle are very lonely for the kind of understanding and friendship only another dog can provide. The ability to have friends with others of their own kind is a special feature that sanctuaries can offer to restore a troubled dog's well being and happiness.

Bullwinkle in the grass with friends

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