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Interactive Map: Home for Life's facility and our animals

Move your cursor over the unit number on the right that corresponds to the number on the image below, press click and a new window will open to display what animals live in that residence. Close that window to go back to the image

interative animal quarters mapsouth catterymain catterynorth catteryunit-6unit 5unit-23  Unit 1  Unit 2  Unit 3  Unit 4

  Unit 5  Unit 6  Unit 7  Unit 8

  Unit 9  Unit 10  Unit 11

  Unit 12  Unit 13

  Unit 14  Unit 15  Unit 16

  Unit 17  Unit 18  Unit 19

  Unit 20  Unit 21  Unit 22

  Unit-23  Unit 24

  North Cattery

  South Cattery

  Main Cattery