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ANNOUNCEMENT! Attention Best Pool Party of the Year 2019 fans

2019 Pool Party

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, our Sunset Swim Party on a Saturday afternoon was such a success that the Town and Country Club members decided that time slot would work better for THEIR event. HOME FOR LIFE'S® Pool Party event is still on, and will be a one day event only, BUT it will be a nearly all day extravaganza and combine the best of both our events from last year!



  • Date: Sunday September 15, 2019
  • Time: 11 am until 6 pm!
  • Place: right back at the beautiful Town & Country Club
  • Tickets on sale: July 1, 2019,
  • Event features: Home for Life® will combine the best of our two 2018 parties to create the ULTIMATE in dog pool events . The event will open at 11 am with the DJ spinning the tunes, an amazing Caribbean inspired buffet, gourmet s'mores for dessert, tropical drinks, frosty beer, thrilling dog races featuring our wheelie dogs and loads of swimming and sun. By 3 pm, Minnesota's premier steel band, 33º North, will be on hand to set a more mellow vibe for the afternoon, and a small plate buffet will be served for those still hungry. MORE swimming and sun expected. Gift bags for all attendees.

As far as price points for tickets with the new time line, we expect to have a slightly higher price for those who want to experience the all day event in all its glory, and a lower ticket price for those who want to show up for the 2nd half of the day. Details announced soon! One caveat: there will be limited availability as it is a one day event. We will try to accommodate as many dogs and their people as we can and still keep the event a safe and fun day for all!

Want to know about what all the buzz is about? See this video created by two of our pool party fans and attendees from  2018  to get a glimpse of what makes Home for Life's Best Pool Party of the Year the most fun dog event ever!

Photo Credit: Richard Chin

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