How to get started

We ask that individuals interested in volunteering with Home for Life® attend one of our free Home is Where the Heart Is sessions that are held at least once a month.

These sessions will acquaint you with our mission and programs and help you determine how best to become involved.

See the Events page for upcoming Home is Where the Heart Is sessions.

To work at Home for Life®

If you are interested in employment at Home for Life®, please see Our Staff to read more about the work and to apply for a position.

Volunteer at Home for Life®

The volunteers at Home for Life® work primarily with our Pet Peace Corps and other community outreach programs that touch people of all ages. See Animals Give Back for more information about these programs.

Schnauzer, Neapolitan mastiff and to women in park
Volunteers (left) Marti Rooney and Tara Steele with Fritz and Sapphire. All four participate in our Renaissance project. Above, the dogs enjoy some well-deserved park time after an obedience training session.

More volunteer photos: Kelly Street and Deb Cooper assist visitors at the 2005 Ride for Their Lives event. As a bonus, they got to see lots of cool bikes.

Volunteers often come to us with proposed projects and ways they can use their own special talents to help the animals at Home for Life®. Volunteers have helped us with our web site development, event planning, writing, graphic design and photography for the web site and newsletters. We have volunteers who are professional dog and cat groomers, volunteers who make toys and bedding, and volunteers who take on repair projects. At Home for Life®, we are always open to suggestions and offers for help.

Caring for Residents is a Specialist's Job

We do not have volunteer opportunities for direct care of the animals at the sanctuary. This work is done by our paid staff.

Our staff of animal care specialists are rigorously trained by HFL to take care of animals that have special needs and disabilities. The animals, many of whom have been shuffled from place to place in the past, benefit from consistent care from people they know and trust.