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Snow Days

Kirsten Eitrem of KME Photography spends a snowy afternoon at Home for Life for our sponsor program

Kirsten Eitrem is a photographer whose work we have followed and admired for a long time; she not only takes such beautiful photos which convey the uniqueness and special spirit of each subject, but also has a heart to give back, supporting many of the Twin Cities animal rescues. As she says, "I like to help out all the amazing animal rescues in the area and offer photography services to foster pups looking for their forever home.A good picture can help a dog get adopted!"

Home for Life's animals don't need a home - they've got one! but Kirsten's great photos convey what really makes the sanctuary such a special place for our cats and dogs. It was her first time coming out to Home for Life, and she promised to come back again when it's warm and sunny. Read her impressions of the day in her blog post Snow Dogs! and see more of her photos

We had a sunny, warm( for winter) day and the dogs had a blast running in the snow. We loved the way Kirsten was able to capture the happiness of the dogs as they played in the snowy meadows.   Some of our favorite photos from Kirsten's shoot are included below and at this link you can see all her photos from the day she spent with us:

Thank you so much Kirsten for supporting our sponsorship program which ensures our animals have a loving home for life. Come back soon!  

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Nick at night by KirstenSammy in black & white by KirstenArctic by KistenBullwinkleFrankFrank and Julie runningFrosty and White with the girlsHenryMontyRuwan
Frosty and White with the girls