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A rescue group called St. Francis of Forest Lake, MN initiated a trap/neuter/release program for the many cats who ran loose in a trailer park of Northern Minnesota.

While setting traps and making ready their preparations for the widespread feral cat operation, representatives from St. Francis observed a blind cat running frantically around the trailers. They were able to trap the cat, and called Home for Life® to ask if we could help him.

Upon admission to HFL, Stormy was neutered and what remained of his eyes carefully examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist. The specialist determined that Stormy had suffered trauma to the skull and was now blind in both eyes with no hope for future vision.

Stormy's right eye has a full cataract and the retina is detached. What's more, the lower eyelid rolls over and rubs painfully on his cornea—a condition called an "entropion." The specialist believed that Stormy’s head trauma resulted in retinal detachments and bleeding into his eyes. When there is enough inflammation to cause the eye to shrink, there is a chance of a future tumor in the eye called "post-traumatic sarcoma."

Stormy recently had his left eye removed and closed to prevent any chance of a tumor forming. The painful entropion in his right eye was repaired at the same time. The money to help Stormy and pay for his surgeries is available through Home for Life's Emergency Medical Care Fund, which pays for treatment for animals admitted to the sanctuary with serious injuries or illnesses. 

Stormy has been at the sanctuary for several months now and seems to be trying to put hard times behind him. Initially, he stayed in the outdoor cat run at all times and only ventured indoors to the cattery late at night. The appeal of regular mealtimes, a warm place to live, a soft bed, and kind people to care for him finally persuaded Stormy that life is worth living as a tamer cat.

Many cats that are deemed "feral" are simply stray cats—house cats who have been turned loose outside and abandoned to fend for themselves. They grow cautious out of necessity, but once their confidence is won again, they readily take to being cared for like the most loving of house cats.

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