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Sabra, a black and tan Afghan, is a quiet and gentle spirit who lives to run. Based on our experience, sight hounds like Afghans march to the beat of a different drum and are often happier in the company of other sight hounds.

Sabra came to Home for Life with fellow Afghans Holly and Ghost. Their owner was financially unable to care for the dogs any longer. Holly died of bone cancer about a year after coming to HFL, and Ghost died several years later of heart failure.
Sabra missed both of them deeply and seemed lost without a fellow Afghan to play with. Her only friend was Lucy, a Walker Coonhound of similar temperament who also loved a good run. But whereas Lucy was accepted by the other dogs in their group, Sabra was not. Without Ghost to protect her, Sabra was picked on by the more boisterous dogs in the group. 

Then we introduced Sabra to a group of shy dogs consisting of Justine, a deaf Doberman; Evie, a Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound mix, and Missy and Fozzy Bear, both Chow Chow mixes. Here, Sabra was accepted immediately without much ado and has been happier ever since.

It is a tribute to the kindness of this shy group that they recognized another traumatized and lonely soul as one of their own. What's more, Sabra is delighted to be able to run again with a fellow sight hound, Evie. Much of the joy she formerly exhibited in the company of her Afghan compatriots has been restored. All she needed was acceptance and a good running partner.

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