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Roo is a large terrier mix, who came to us from Alabama at age 4 in 2011 via a Minnesota rescue group who had taken him in but had no adoption prospects for him. Roo almost looks like a jumbo size rat terrier with a clean white short hair coat and black patches, stand up ears, bright alert, dark eyes and a pointed muzzle. Roo was born with short and deformed front legs and actually has two feet on one of his legs but somehow not only survived but thrived, his sunny nature intact, without the benefit of even a cart to help him get around (he now has his own custom made front wheel cart custom made for him by Eddie's Wheels).

Roo can jump on a couch by springing off his strong hind legs. He walks upright on his back legs like a person - or a kangaroo - and that ability must have been what inspired his name when he was with the Alabama rescue group. He is so determined that he will even scoot along with his shoulder on the tile floors, propelling with his hind legs if he wants to get somewhere quickly. Roo's most defining characteristic is optimism. He is fully convinced he can do anything any other dog can do. He is Home for Life's "Can-Do" dog. He can get on the couch by himself, go out the dog door himself - walking on his hind legs - and more than any other dog at Home for Life, is the MOST excited for exercise time in the meadows. Because he has so much confidence and has such a vibrant personality and spirit the other dogs don't give a second thought to Roo's disability. Dogs respond to energy - be it a person or a dog and Roo's heartfelt love of life and courage inspires respect and admiration - among people and our other dogs Roo is a leader of his dog group.

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