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A perfect face for Wisconsin winter, Polar is a beautiful ragdoll cat with distinctive crossed eyes of piercing blue. He came to us from the Minnesota Humane Society, where he was apparently turned in as a stray and diagnosed with FIV.

Polar is proof that cats with FIV can live long and happy lives. He is a very active and social cat who is constantly on the go, making daily rounds in the cattery, visiting with his many cat friends, the rabbits, and the parrots.

Polar also likes to befriend and charm staff and visitors. He likes to sit in a dish atop a tall cat tree and tap people on the top of the head and shoulder as they pass by. He loves to be petted, and people love to accommodate him—his beautiful soft coat is always silky and pristine. Polar finds time to keep himself in immaculate condition despite his busy schedule.

He is a committed dry food fan and has no interest in the many delectable canned foods offered him daily, preferring to munch away on kibble. Polar has shown no ill effects from the FIV virus so far, and we hope to continue caring for this charming and lovely cat for a long time to come.

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