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Nabi has traveled farther than any other Home for Life resident to live at the sanctuary—all the way from Daejeon, Korea.

Nabi is a Samoyed/American Eskimo puppy estimated to be less than six months old upon her surrender. She was found wandering the streets of Daejeon with a cast on her right hind leg. A veterinarian took an x-ray and found that she had two metal pins in the leg, intended to mend a fracture in her femur. Unfortunately, the cast was either not set properly or was left on too long. This caused Nabi's leg to twist inside the cast, fusing her knee joint. She could no longer straighten the leg and the top of the femur was not sitting in the hip joint at all.

To compound Nabi's problems, she had also contracted distemper. Although her rescuers managed to successfully treat the disease, it left her with neurological damage that manifests in a constant nervous twitch.

Nabi spent over a month in a cage at the Daejeon vet's office, waiting for someone to adopt her. Lacking exercise during this long wait, Nabi could only walk with great difficulty, dragging her injured leg behind her and constantly tripping over it. Her tic also impeded her efforts to walk. 

Tim Vasudeva and his wife Maree, who live in Seoul, offered to find a home for Nabi, but they were already caring for three other rescued dogs and three stray cats. They advertised her for adoption on all of the pet adoption websites in Korea. Several potential adopters expressed interest, but were scared away by Nabi's disabilities. Tim and Maree sought a better solution for Nabi. As a special-needs dog, she needed more supervision than they could provide.

As luck would have it, the couple's neighbor knew about Home for Life and suggested our sanctuary as a solution for Nabi. We agreed to give Nabi a home, and the couple flew her from Korea to Amsterdam and then from Amsterdam to the Twin Cities.

When our veterinarian examined Nabi, it was recommended that the bad leg be amputated because it was causing Nabi great pain. The amputation was successfully performed at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital, and Nabi has recovered beautifully. Nabi's youth has allowed her to adapt with resilience.

Nabi now lives happily with her roommates, including Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Audrey Hepburn. Both dogs enjoy daily evening walks. Audrey needs the walks to strengthen the back legs that she is learning to use without her cart (thanks to water therapy). 

Nabi will start the Renaissance Program this fall, and we look forward to the contributions that this lovely ambassador from Korea will make to the community and to our sanctuary family.

As a final note, Nabi got her name from Tim and Maree; the name means "butterfly" in Korean. We think it is an apt name for a dog whose life has been so transformed!

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