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Kittymine is a soft orange color with white and technically is a calico as she has a small grey patch on her back leg. Kittymine had a beloved owner, who didn't want her anymore. She was friendly when brought into the Animal Humane Society in Minneapolis for surrender by her owner whom she trusted, not knowing that she was about to be left there.

Once she realized her owner had left her on her own, at the Humane Society, to face the future, she lost her composure and was very upset. She did not want to be handled or petted—she missed her owner and wanted to go home and could not be consoled. Because of her behavior, the decision was made by the Humane Society not to put her on the floor for adoption. Kittymine was offered for rescue, but none of the elgible rescue organizations responded to her plight to take her in.

It was so hard to think of Kittymine losing her life, so heartbroken and lonely as she was, so Home for Life® offered to help her. Truthfully, she had a hard time adjusting to her new life at the sanctuary—such a contrast as the sole pet of a single guy but she finally started coming around when given the time and space to adjust.

Home for Life®, as a care for life sanctuary, has the luxury of time to offer our animals, and is under no pressure to process our animals through to adoption. The great thing about a care for life sanctuary is that our animals have all the time they need to adjust to show their true colors. In Kittymine's case, with her intelligence and extraordinary sensitivity and loyalty, it took her this time to grieve the loss of her old owner and be able to face the future. Even though adoption was not a option for Kittymine, it turned out that she wanted to live and with the time and space afforded to her by Home for Life®, she will get that opportunity.

We thought we had lost her a few weeks after she arrived as no one could find her anywhere, and we feared she had gotten out and run away to try to find her old owner. But the very next morning, all of sudden, there was Kittymine strutting down the hallway and to the bowl of Fancyfeast dry food to have breakfast. She had chosen to stay with us, although we still aren't sure where her secret hiding place was. We are glad Kittymine now realizes that she is home for life and will never be given away again.

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