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Forrest has a unique look due to his mix—Boston terrier and Chihuahua. He has a sweet pushed in face and a handsome dark brindle coat with a white bib. He is gentle, quiet and very bashful.

Forrest has a very traumatic past and survived several close calls. Forrest was originally sighted in the woods near the Aveda Corporation in Blaine, MN by the employees. We assume he was abandoned by the freeway next to the woods. Shy as a wild fox, Forrest somehow survived for over two weeks, eluding everyone who tried to catch him. Pat Schwartz tells us that the employees at Aveda made valiant efforts to catch Forrest, but he was so adept at escaping that they named him "Phantom." The concerned employees left food out for "Phantom" and tried time and time again to catch him. They even posted an ad on, drawing volunteers to the woods to try and catch the elusive dog.

In the words of one volunteer, Twyla Hobbs, "I saw a posting on in the classified section, describing a stray dog living in the woods off the freeway by the Aveda Corporate headquarters building. I was compelled to e-mail the contact person, who explained that employees there were putting food out for Forrest. My children and I drove there, tried to catch him, but, as your website so describes, he runs quick and darts away. Another animal-lover friend of mine and her husband drove there the next day and put out food, and a cardboard box for shelter with blankets inside. I suggested live trapping to the concerned employee of Aveda. They were able to find another employee who had a trap and within a couple of days, they had trapped Forrest. Through a series of phone calls, they were able to have Forrest picked up and brought to the shelter in River Falls." Sadly, at the shelter Forrest remained shy and very timid. He was nearly impossible to catch if let out into the exercise yard and had to wear a harness so he could be caught without hurting him. Forrest opted to flee if afraid or intimidated, making it impossible for him to endear himself to potential adopters. 

Forrest lived for several months at the shelter until it was closed by the authorities. All of the animals were at-risk, but none more so than Forrest. When the investigators and authorities prioritized the shelter's animals to see who they could adopt out and who would need to be put down, it was obvious that Forrest, with his timid nature, was unlikely to get out alive. The shelter director asked HFL if we could offer him a permanent place at our sanctuary where he would never be discarded or at risk again.  Forrest became a member in good standing of Ashley's Townhouse gang, and was best friends with Ashley herself for many years. Drawing on the example of his new found friends, he learned to walk well on a leash to go out to the field or the exercise run to play.

Although still timid and wary of humans, Forrest is happy to be an integral part of his dog family has changed over the years he has been with us - he is now part of the Frank group  and his new, closest friend is Frank himself. Forrest will never likely relish attention from people like a lap dog, but he has found a sense of belonging and security at HFL that eluded him for so long.

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