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Unwanted cats, even when they are healthy and well-behaved, still have a terrifically tough time finding new homes. When a cat is old, has a special medical condition, a disability or a behavior problem, the opportunity for that cat to find a new home is slim. Cats make up the majority of the five million unwanted animals euthanized in the United States each year. Kittens and cats who come into the world with disabilities find a safe haven at Home for Life® where they will be loved and cared for as long as they may live. As we get to know these special cats, their disabilities become less of a defining and identifying feature, while their courage and their indomitable spirits become what we think of when reflecting on all they mean to us. Alabama is just one of the many disabled cats we care for at Home for Life Sanctuary.

Alabama, a little male cat with jet black fur, was born with deformed front legs. His loving mother protected him ,but the family who owned the farm where the cats lived did not believe he would be able to survive outside for the winter and asked us to help him after the mother cat weaned him. Thanks to his caring family and loving mother cat, Alabama is confident and a happy little guy who feels he can be like any other cat.

Alabama's front legs are shorter than normal and also bent at angles. Yet, Alabama has learned how to get around town, even climbing cat trees and going outside thru cat doors to our attached cat run. He is very agile and enjoys wrestling with Rudy, another of our younger cats, who is blind.

Disabled cats take a lot of work and creativity to care for to ensure them a quality life. It takes patience, work, and imagination to picture the potential of the animal instead of focusing on the limitations. Dogs will usually be helped before cats but not always. Also the prevailing idea is that if an animal cannot see or walk like a normal cat they must have no quality of life. That position is pretty ignorant. Most animals want to live if they can and will make the best of their situation, focusing on what they CAN do not their lack. Alabama is just one of our disabled animals whose life at the sanctuary demonstrates that if a cat or dog can enjoy the sun, tasty food, treats and attention, the company of their dog or cat friends, the animal still has quality of life that should be preserved and cherished.

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