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Peaches' story

Peaches in tall grass
Despite her disability, Peaches has the soul of a lioness.

Although Peaches is only a little over one year old, she is big athletic female cat. She is also a beautiful red head! Orange cats are usually found among males, so Peaches is a real standout with her flaming locks.

Peaches' family would let her outdoors to play and explore, but in this case, curiosity nearly did kill the cat. One day while Peaches was on a nature hike around her home, someone decided that it would be a fine idea to shoot her. Peaches sustained devastating wounds to the lower spine and hind legs. Somehow, she managed to drag herself back home to her family.

The family cared for Peaches as best they could, expressing her bladder, keeping her clean and trying to work her back legs in the hope that one day her mobility would be restored. Despite their diligence in these efforts, Peaches remained incontinent and paraplegic. She still had some movement of the hind legs, indicating the survival of some nerve impulses. Peaches got around by pulling herself along with her front legs. She developed powerful shoulder and foreleg muscles, and was able to traverse quite a ways in this manner.

Peaches' family was part of a church that did missionary work in Mexico and they would be moving out of the country for several months. The question of what to do with Peaches while they were gone troubled them. With her daily care requirements, they were unable to find anyone who wanted her. Still, Peaches was too young and had too strong a will to live to imagine euthanasia as a viable option. However, with the day of their departure approaching, there seemed no alternative.

The family had was referred to Home for Life® by another rescue group and asked us to help. Here at our cat facility, Peaches enjoys the company of other adventurous felines who pursue their passions despite physical challenges. Throughout the summer and autumn, Peaches enjoys stalking in tall grasses while our staff tends the gardens.